Welcome to Vintrade

Vintrade’s goal is to provide you with a simple and transparent way to buy and sell wine, and to observe the NZ Wine marketplace.

Buyers and sellers are connected as never before, with an immediacy that suits today’s fast-paced business environment. And with access to information that is unfiltered by interest groups.

Vintrade is available only to Wineworks customers. If you are a Wineworks customer view our Terms and Conditions and log in to activate your account. Your username and password are the same as for your Wineworks Portal.

Wineworks will fund Vintrade in its entirety for a period of time so that it is free to you. We hope that it provides you with a useful way to clear your stocks (Dry Goods & Cleanskins) in our warehouse, clear stocks of bulk wine in your winery, or as a buyer, to fill opportunities that you may need extra stock for at the right price.